Contact Center

Contact Center

Typical applications

Tele sales
Service calls
Order desk
Multiple receptionists

from 5 to 200 agents: $50/agent/month

One-time activation fee: $25/agent

Complete package for the flexible contact center:
Up to 200 agents
allocated among 50 skill sets
queues with load balancing and overflow
Automated attendant for each queue
Supervisor wall board
Whisper and Intrude
Wall dashboard per queue
Agent log-in, log-out
Programmable wrap-up times
Customisable reports per agent/skillset
Scheduled reports.

Call management

Agent Portal
Voice Mail to email
Smartphone apps (iPhone and Android)
Windows PC softphones
Music on Hold
Browser based dialling
Browser-based management
Auto attendant


Video Collaboration

Two web-based video conference rooms, with screen sharing and Instant Messaging, and two additional dial-in audio conference bridges, each for up to 100 participants.:
$5 per seat/month, for all user seats

Call Record

Calls may be recorded on an agent-selectable or on a pre-defined basis:
$10 per channel/month

CRM integration

Interface to virtually any third party CRM application:

Supervisor wall board

The main supervisor wall board gives an overview of all queues.
Overview wall board
It gives real time status of the numbers of calls in progress and waiting in each queue.

Wall board for each skill set

The wall board gives live status of the queue, all the associated agents and the recent call statistics.
Q wallboard
The skill set supervisors have full control, allowing them to write to the wall dashboard. They can react to levels of calls in the queues.
Supervisors can login/logout agents using drag and drop
drop agents into a group
The supervisor can initiate call recording with email forwarding
Supervisors can listen in and take over a call
Incoming calls may be programmed to ring all agents, to ring cyclically, to ring the longest idle agent or in a priority sequence or to go to a pre-programmed auto attendant message. Overflow, after a programmable period, can be to another queue or to a message or a last-resort team.
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Customisable and scheduled reports

Call distribution
The statistics for inclusion in a report may be selected from a menu of call/agent and queue status data. The period covered by any report is flexible and periodic reports may be scheduled for distribution.

Assign priority based on the number dialled

incoming number priority
Incoming calls to specific numbers may be programmed to jump the queue. Key customers may be given numbers to ring, so that their calls take priority.