Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration

Typical applications

Impromptu team meetings
On-line training
Customer presentations
Home workers
On-line consultancy
Two video conference rooms, two additional dial-in audio bridges and Instant Messaging, available to all users of the system at a surcharge: $5/user/month
Complete unified communications package for the entire system:

Existing infrastructure

Leverage the ubiquitous in-company infrastructure of broadband and internet access using Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers to the full, to enable video collaboration in a couple of clicks. Participants outside your company infrastructure can be included.
There are no applications to install.
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Invite participants behind firewalls

The Cloud platform uses a Turn server, enabling invitees behind firewalls to join in by simply clicking on the invitation link.

Highly secure

Real-time data (webcam, microphone, text) is encrypted information using the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) method. DTLS is a standardized protocol built into all browsers that support WebRTC.

Multi-party video rooms

The conference organiser sends a link to the invitees..
Multi-party video
Participants join on a Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser, by clicking on the link. A web RTC solution with no apps to install..

Simple room set-up

The user just enters any name and clicks Create.
Video room set-up
The number of participants in any conference is limited only by the available bandwidth..


Share your screen by clicking on the share icon.
drop agents into a group
Similarly, to turn off the camera, or the microphone.
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Conference room reservation sheet

The system administrator can control use of both the audio dial-in conference bridges and the video rooms, using the web-based scheduler..

Team chat with history

IM chat threads
Browser-based chat with history of each thread. Pop-up erts for new messages..