Why move from Asterisk?

Why move from Asterisk?

The drive to Amiba

The Amiba Cloud PBX can be deployed with re-seller branding immediately with no development lead time. The main competitive advantages are:

  • System Administrator training on Asterisk is intensive and has significant manpower cost. Amiba is intuitive, user friendly and feature-rich.
  • Tightly integrated Smartphone apps
  • All of the rich features of a traditional CPE PBX
  • Integrated contact centre option
  • Video collaboration options
  • No Development Costs
  • No  Maintenance Costs
  • No Capex for infrastructure investment
  • No hardware obsolescence
  • Reduced floor space requirements in the LAN closet along with reduced air-conditioning and energy costs.

Smartphone Apps

The tightly integrated Amiba Smartphone apps for iPhone and Android can easily be  be re-branded to accommodate re-seller branding and presence.  This allows the re-seller to deliver a branded, customized, fully functional system phone on modern tablets and smartphone devices rather than relying on the limited functionality of generic third party apps

Move up to a fully featured PBX system

Many Asterisk implementations cover only the basics of Call Hold and Transfer. Amiba Cloud PBX offers the full range of rich PBX functionality such as Auto-Attendant, Call –Recording, Conferencing, Call Centre, Voicemail to email messaging and many more. See the full list in the annex. The basic offering includes a comprehensive set of licenses: – desktop phone, softphone, mobile, presence, tele--working, call minutes. This simplifies the sales process to the end-user. With over 700,000 deployments most individual requirements have already been built into the platform.

Close support from the Amiba Development team

The Amiba development team provide close support and a 24/7 online trouble ticketing system with many years experience of supporting demanding industry leadering operators such as KPN (Netherlands), Belgacom and eircom.


The Cloud is increasingly gaining acceptance of as a resilient & efficient delivery platform.

It is now feasible to offer pure software based products to end-users that would have been inconceivable even five years ago. 

When coupled with improving connectivity trends, an opportunity now exists to provide IP-PBX services in the cloud.  

Whilst there is no technical reason why the traditional one-off sale approach should not be used, this type of service is better served by the more attractive Opex model.

However a key advantage of cloud over customer premises equipment is that no upgrade of hardware is required to run new features such as collaboration.

This requirement becomes more critical once Value-Added services such as voice, DSL are added to the mix and ancillary Services such as Recordings, Conference calls.

The ICT Re-seller may offer the following options to the end-user

  • Cloud PBX service
  • Cloud PBX plus bundled Voice & Data Services.
  • Add-ons such as inclusive minutes, call-recording, conference calls are available to provide a more compelling consumer offering.
  • Business IP phones can be sold as a once off, or included in a rental

The Re-seller owns the end customer and is responsible for sales customer training and tier 1 support. MDS Amiba is responsible for, Provisioning, Billing and Tier 2 Support.

Amiba has relationships with the ITPS for breakouts and can supply

-      Cloud based IP-BPX with Smartphone Apps

-      Minutes on a wholesale basis

-      White-label Cloud based CRM/Billing

Self Service Cloud marketplace.

The evolution of this business model is towards full self service where the end-user could

  • Enter  all the company/payment/technical details upfront
  • select the type of service they require
  • pay their money
  • press ‘go’.

The auto-provisioning would create an instance of IP-PBX, point the end-user to the PBX and have the service up and running in 10 minutes.

Options offered might be:

  • IP-BPX only                           Retail - end-user already has SIP-Trunking in place
  • IP-PBX + Voice                     Retail - Amiba supply the voice also in that territory
  • IP-PBX + Voice + Billing       For the virtual Re-seller

Business IP phones could be dispatched automatically from a third party logistics facility.

The functional-areas below are all integral parts of the solution, but can be turned on/off as required.


Staff will have visibility of all sales, leads, tickets, invoices in a single system.

The type of functionality is similar to that offered in generic CRM systems such as Sage-CRM, Salesforce, MS-Dynamics. 


When a sale is made, then all software & infrastructure required to fulfil the service will be automatically provisioned based on the products selected during the sale.

As part of the Service provisioning, all account information, Products and pricing are set up in Billing (which in turn causes the back-office to be populated).  At this point in time, the customer is live and has access to the portal.


All account and billing information is entered at sign-up automatically or manually, or via web-service API calls from external systems involved.

Billing’s main tasks are

  • To ensure all One-Off, Pro-rata and Recurring charges are set up correctly. 
  • To Rate all usage records correctly
  • Ensure balances / Payments maintained.
  • Dispatch actual invoices
  • Make all such information available to the customers, Back-office and internal staff as necessary.


CRM is becoming more and more important as trading conditions continue to be tough.  It’s easier to keep a customer than win a new one, this is especially important in a recurring revenue Opex model.

In short, CRM is all about communication and transparency/visibility.

Internal staff have 360 degree visibility of everything that happens at an account level. This includes  Sales-Orders,  Trouble-Tickets, Invoice-history, All-services (live and ceased), all Tariffs, all communications to/from the customer etc.

A sub-set of the above is externalized and made visible to the end-user.

Payment Gateway

Interfacing to several payment gateways is available, including Realex.

System Components

The following are the high level components involved in the solution.

From an end-user perspective, the overall solution is seen as a single product, but is comprised of the following.

  • IP-PBX
  • CPE
  • Softphones and Smart-Phone apps.
  • Conference rooms
  • Contact Centre
  • Video collaboration
  • Control software & portals
  • End-user Portal
  • Emailed PDF and/or Printed Invoices
  • SIP Trunking / PSTN